Hi there!

Fabry International Network is very committed to training the next generation of patient advocates and also providing a platform for young adults to get in contact with each other, to share their experiences and learn from each other.

FIN aims to build a community and train the next generation of patient advocates, connect young adults from all over the world and form a highly motivated group of 21-32 year old’s from the rare disease community. The main purpose is to instill confidence in the next generation of rare disease advocates by providing skill building opportunities to advance young adults in the next steps of their advocacy journey.

Currently we have young adults from all around the world joining the community. Amongst them, young adults from The Netherlands, Italy, Armenia, Germany, Spain, Canada, South-Korea, Taiwan, Poland, Tunisia, Morocco, Argentina etc..

Learning patient advocacy skills will allow you not to be limited by Fabry but to be empowered by a community of patient advocates to live the life you want to lead!

Limitations can transform into opportunities to change things for yourself and the next generation!

Want to join the FIN Young Adult Community (21-32)?

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