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A solid partnership with strong ideas


Putting people with Fabry first: a talent that Amicus Therapeutics and FIN share. This commonality has ensured a strong partnership, spanning more than 16 years. Amicus Therapeutics is a pharma industry leader advancing the professional field of patient advocacy; it develops and delivers medicine for people living with rare diseases. Jayne C. Gershkowitz, Chief [...]

A solid partnership with strong ideas2023-01-17T14:41:40+01:00

Putting Fabry on Australia’s agenda


Fabry disease is rather easy to test for and diagnose, yet there continues to be limited awareness about the disease. Fabry Australia, a FIN member , is on a quest to place it on the national agenda. Sheridan Campbell explains how her organisation raises awareness.  Challenges Oftentimes people exhibit symptoms for many years, without [...]

Putting Fabry on Australia’s agenda2022-10-27T14:54:54+02:00
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