Fabry Findings Webinar – Presentation now available on our YouTube Channel

The first Fabry Findings issue was published in 2019 and based on the publication where researchers looked at the relationship between: objective cognitive impairment, subjective cognitive complaints and depressive symptoms. We learned that objective cognitive impairment was present in 1 in 6 people with Fabry and subjective cognitive complaints were reported by 2 in 3 people with Fabry.

Dr Simon Körver from the Netherlands was the author of this publication and shared with us his his findings in this webinar. You can find it on our YouTube Channel.

To inform the Fabry community about medical developments in Fabry disease, FIN initiated Fabry Findings, in these issues we ‘translate’ clinical information into lay language that can be digested and easily understood. All published Fabry Findings can be find here.