Nordic Rare Disease Summit

“Empowerment is key for the wellbeing of the rare patient”

The Nordic Rare Disease Summit, organized as a virtual meeting on 12th and 13th of April 2021, gathered a wide range of rare disease experts, decision- and policymakers as well as representatives from NGO’s, patient organizations, academia and industry from across the Nordic countries. All coming together to debate how to best overcome the special challenges characterizing the rare disease area. The Nordic Roadmap for Rare Diseases was launched to ensure a lasting legacy of the Nordic Rare Disease Summit held on the 12-13th of April 2021 with a common aspiration to elevate rare diseases as a national health priority in the Nordic countries.

This Nordic Roadmap for Rare Diseases sums up key messages, discussions and new knowledge from the summit – with an aspiration to provide policy guidance relevant for the Nordic countries, recommendations for future co-operation and a shared call for action.

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Nordic Roadmap