Are you interested in sharing your experience with Fabry Disease?


If so, Fulcrum Research Group, an independent, third-party market research firm, is seeking Fabry patients or their caregivers for a market research study. Specifically, the research will aim to gain a better understanding of individual patients’ experiences and opinions about:

  • Their journey from initial symptoms to present day (through the diagnostic process, experiences with healthcare practitioners, use of support groups, etc.)
  • The impact of Fabry Disease on their lives
  • Their awareness and perceptions of current and future treatments

The research is being sponsored by a pharmaceutical company, and it will be using the data. The research will be confidential and insights will be used for research purposes only. Any information provided will be treated as confidential; responses will be combined with feedback from others. When someone qualifies for and participates in the study, they will receive a token of appreciation for their time.

Interested patients or their caregivers will need to answer a few questions to confirm they are qualified to participate in the study. Once qualified, participants will be asked to complete a 30-minute survey online. If you are interested in participating, please reach out to the person listed below for your country and reference “Fabry research” in the subject line.

UK, Germany, France
Ainsley Knox

Sara Bhulasar

Argentina, Turkey
Ivan Colula

Laura Balada

Tomoko Pickup

Sally Bian

Claire Kim

Download a PDF of this announcment.

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