April is Fabry International Awareness Month

Fabry International Network is delighted to announce that the Fabry Support Group Australia has officially registered April as the International Fabry Awareness Month.

For some time, few Fabry Patient Organisations have been thinking about finding a month dedicated to creating more awareness of the Fabry disease. In the US, Jack Johnson from the Fabry Information and Support Group and Jerry Walter from the National Fabry Disease Foundation are working together to encourage more US State Governors to approve April as an International Fabry Awareness Month. So far, they have managed to get  14 positive answers.

Megan Fookes, Managing Director of FSGA made a head start and wrote to the Federal Health and Ageing Department to ask if from 2013, April could be dedicated to raising awareness of Fabry Disease and to be officially called: International Fabry Awareness Month.

It is fantastic news that FSGA’s proposal was accepted on 31st October 2012. Australia is now the first country to embrace April as an International Fabry Awareness Month. The following link shows the official listing. http://www.health.gov.au/internet/main/publishing.nsf/content/health-pubs-calendar-index.htm

FSGA is planning on holding local Fabry awareness activities and events to support this initiative.  More details will be published on the December newsletter.  Please let FIN know if you have similar plans and how can the network help to make this new initiative truly International.

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